Let's talk about Art!

Photo by:  3Motional Studio

Art is usually considered to be a luxury purchase. Most feel it is not a necessary item, some don't understand art at all.

I offer this theory .. art, be it hung on walls, or hung on your person is a wonderful collection of personal storytelling.

Inspiration for an artist is found in many forms .. nature, colors, music, people and is the oldest form of humanity's communication with one other. Before the written word, there was Art on cave walls -> a stunning visualization, recording of the artists' personal experience of life to be shared and admired for millennia.

One of the most exciting things for me when I hear about an archeologist discovering a new tomb is the Art! Oh, and the adornments, the jewelry! All that glittering gold and hand-crafted gemstones -> what a delight for the eyes and mind to imagine how such primitive peoples created such beauty out of simple rocks and metals!

So, the next time you see an art piece that moves you, and are hesitant to claim it, just consider that you are not just buying a trivial trinket, you are experiencing the artists' story and sharing your story & theirs with the world!