Red Coral Sticks bo•koo™ Drop Pendant

Red Coral Sticks bo•koo™ Drop Pendant


bo•koo™ Drops are the pièce de résistance of the bo•koo™ line. With so many styles and choices, bo•koo™ Drops offer you an unlimited amount of looks to your wardrobe!

Each bo•koo™ drop pendant is individually hand double knotted between each Red Coral stick bead with 100% Silk thread offering you a choice of 14/20kt gold-filled or 0.925 Sterling Silver hand metal forged micup studios’ artisan bead tips matched to your bo•koo™ clasp selection.

Drop dimensions: 0.5”-1”W x 5”L

This item is made to order. Please allow 5 - 14 business days for creation before shipping.

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Unlike most other gemstones which are of mineral origin, Coral is organic, formed by living organisms. It forms from branching, antler-like structures created from coral polyps in tropical and subtropical ocean waters. When the coral polyps die, the hardened skeleton remains, and this material is what is used as a gemstone. Most coral is white, but nature can create coral in several other colors, including the popular orange to red forms. 99% of the coral on the market has been dyed to create this vibrant red color. The coral I use is white bamboo coral which is not endangered or threatened in any way, unlike natural red coral.


Coral is found only in tropical to subtropical saltwater environments. Regions producing coral include the Red Sea, the Midway Islands, the Canary Islands, the Taiwan and Malaysian Coast, the coast of Australia, Italy, (Sardinia), and Hawaii.


Coral bears the rather charming nick-name of “Sea’s Garden” in part because people once thought it was a plant. Coral is considered an ancient gemstone, and has been used for thousands of years. Mythology supports this stone’s symbolic meaning with the story of Perseus. When he beheaded Medusa some of her blood dripped into the sea and became the stunning Red Coral we often see in jewelry today {as well as explaining the existence of coral, the story of Perseus also imbues the coral with magical powers, and as a result there was a high demand for coral throughout the ancient world}.

Even though Coral is not a birthstone in the traditional or modern birthstone chart, it can be associated with the Zodiac signs of Libra, Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus.