New Jade bo•koo™ Collar

New Jade bo•koo™ Collar

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Wear it alone or glam it up with bo•koo™ Drop pendants!
Each bo•koo™ Collar is individually handcrafted using 100% Silk thread, double-knotted between each New Jade bead, paired with micup studios’ artisan {hand-metal forged} bead tips in either 14/20kt Gold-filled or 0.925 Sterling Silver complimenting your bo•koo™ clasp. Each bo•koo™ clasp will vary slightly due to the Artisan hand metal forging process, unique to micup studio design.

  • Collar with clasp dimensions - approximate 17”

  • Clasp dimensions - approximate 18mm - 20mm diameter

This item is made to order. Please allow 5 - 14 business days for creation before shipping.

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Estimated Delivery: Creation lead time is approximately 5 - 14 days from date of purchase
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New "Jade" is not actually Jade, but actually a type of Serpentine. Serpentine is not a single mineral, but rather a group of related minerals. a magnesium-rich metamorphic or igneous rock comprised of up to 16 different hydrous silicate minerals, including magnesium, iron, aluminum, manganese, lithium, nickle, zinc, and calcium. There are four major varieties  of Serpentine, Chrysotile (which is heavily mined for asbestos), Antigorite, Lizardite, and Amesite. The stone earned this trade-name for its similarities in appearance to jade.


New Jade / Serpentine is so widespread that deposits are found worldwide. The major mining operations are located in Afghanistan, Canada, China, England, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, and the United States.  The main location for “New Jade” Serpentine is in China. 


Serpentine is named for the snakeskin it is said to resemble as it shares the same green speckled skin of the serpent. New Jade / Serpentine has been used as a source of sculptures, architecture and personal adornment gemstones throughout history for thousands of years.

In ancient times, amulets of Serpentine were worn to protect against snakebites or poisoning. Legend holds that a king was reputed to have insisted that his chalice be made of Serpentine, as it was believed that if a poison were put into his drink in a Serpentine vessel, the vessel would sweat on the outside. It was also believed that the effectiveness of a medicine was increased when drank from a Serpentine vessel.

Considered an important gemstone to the Assyrians. As early as 4000 B.C., used in Seals and Cylinders, Serpentine was known as Za-tu-mush-gir.

The 30th Chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead is said to be carved from a tablet of Serpentine.  The Aztecs prized all green stones and Serpentine was known to be valued in their time.  Rasputin was said to favor Serpentine and requested an entire dinner set be created for him by the Czar and Czarina as a favor for saving the life of their son.

Italian peasants believed that carrying Serpentine pebbles protected them from the venom of poisonous creatures. These pebbles must be in their natural state and untouched by iron, or they would lose their protective nature.

Even though New Jade / Serpentine is not a birthstone in the traditional or modern birthstone chart, it can be associated with the Zodiac sign of Gemini with the elements of earth and air.