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micup studio is proud to launch bo•koo™, the hottest collection in contemporary jewelry!

Inspired by a favorite New Orleans term*, the bo•koo™ collection {prounced boh-koo} offers you an unlimited amount of colorful fun looks to your wardrobe. A bo•koo™ set is comprised of a clasp, a semi-precious gemstone collar, to be worn alone or the option to GLAM it up with interchangeable drop pendants! With bo•koo™ options, you'll have the perfect statement necklace for every outfit!

bo•koo: {borrowed from the French word 'beaucoup'} defined as: 'many / a remarkable amount' adj. n. & adv. Chiefly Southern US  Photo By: Godisable Jacob {model Melody Jacob}


the design

bo•koo™ clasp

It all began with the clasp. Most jewelry adornments are designed to be worn with the clasp in the back, focusing on a singular pendant in the front. I wanted to offer multiple choices by showcasing my bo•koo™ clasp in the front {the bo•koo™ collar can also be worn in the traditional manner}. It had to be simple, elegant but meaningful. Inspiration struck with a 'spiral' design. Spirals are some of the oldest geometric shapes in ancient artwork dating back to the Neolithic period. In many cultures, spirals represent the feminine, nature's life cycles and the cosmos. As such, the spiral is a symbol of change, progression, and development. Each necklace featuring a bo•koo™ clasp offers the wearer an unlimited number of looks {depending on your budget, of course}, available in either 0.925 Sterling Silver or 14/20kt Gold filled, hand-forged here at micup studio.




bo•koo™  collar

As with all new ideas, more design issues cropped up. I needed something with which to attach the clasp to. The jewelry industry only offers a few options to connect clasps to necklaces and I needed something that would compliment my bo•koo™ clasp design .. so I thought, 'why not make my own?' Each bo•koo™ collar is individually handcrafted using 100% Silk thread, double-knotted between each semi-precious gemstone bead and finished with micup studios' hand-forged artisan bead tips either 0.925 Sterling Silver or 14/20kt Gold-filled to match your selection of bo•koo™ clasp.


bo•koo™ drops

After solving all of the design issues, I concentrated on bringing the magic home in creating interchangeable bo•koo™ drops! From simple to GLAM in a moment! Just slip your favorite drop onto the bo•koo™ clasp and voilà! You now have a new necklace! bo•koo™ drops fit perfectly onto the bo•koo™ clasp and won't fall off {the one time when gravity is your friend}.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I love creating it!